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Looking toward the future, Akerson is all smiles regarding Kindred Bravely. Pajamas had very little appeal to their potential customers in the middle of summer when most people were not wearing pajamas, if they are sleeping in clothes at all. She asked her husband if he had given any out that day and the two realized that they had generated their first organic sale. She jokingly asked him about starting a company to make that pair a reality. Make sure you love what you are getting into. If you fall in love with your customers, you will be able to continuously interact with them and benefit from their ideas.

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If you fall in love with your products, you are going to feel heartbroken if things happen to them. When stepping into a new venture, you should recognize that you are entering a period of time in your life that you are going to be working much more. At the same time, I am also firmly of the opinion that a well-run company adds much more value to the world than a wealthy individual. Much to her disappointment, however, her birthday would come and go and she would still not have the pajamas she was looking for. To this day, she still claims to be found most often out running if she is not working on the business. We have this program every month where employees get to give $50 to someone in need. The school district would miss her presence and Akerson quickly found that the company was going to need help with daily operations.

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Through this direct connection with her customers, she was able to continuously improve her products based upon feedback to further suit those who were buying them. They discovered both a targetable market and ample room for profits based upon production predictions. At the time, her husband was actively looking for an idea for a business, so he went ahead and ran the numbers.

At this time, it was allowed to give out products in return for an honest review. Akerson was also extremely excited, yet tight lipped, about some new products coming to market toward the end of summer this year. Since 2015, Deeanne Akerson has taken her company, Kindred Bravely, from a personal need to an extremely successful producer of nursing and maternity clothing.